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        AoF5    lcm CHYE MEI REPORTS ON AOF5





Although AoF has already past for about a month, the flame of the fire still burns in my heart!!!! The amazing week of experiences went beyond my expectation=))))) All of us, the participants, from 6 different countries, enthusiastically come together, humbling ourselves to do God's work..


Our main purpose there was to do OUTREACH to the street kids.. Since the kids wont be able to go to church, we're bringing the church to them.. After all, church isn't the building, it's the people!!! Thanks to the Citivision group who made much effort in leading those action songs.. I cant imagine all of us, ranging around 20-30 years old, jumping up & down, singing happily with those kids.. Hahaha=D And i can say that the kids were extremely happy too.. Though it was tiring, the smiles that potray on their faces really enlightens me, giving us a sense of satisfaction=) We also had some simple conversation with them.. This little acts of compassion unlocks their heart and drawn a closer relationship with them..


The worship was really GREAT & lessons were based on Romans 12.. It depicts many attributes & guides in our daily lives.. We put Romans 12 into action throughout the whole week.. One of our activity~ AMAZING RACE displays our theme for this AoF5.. WORD + ACTION = LIFE!!!!! "They're no longer just kids that we come to serve, but our friends who serve alongside with us." I totally agree with this statement!!!! On the fifth day, all of us wearing our bright yellow A0F T-shirt, bringing the kids along, went all out to the city of SIEM REAP to do good deeds.. Our team merged with 2 other teams and we sung along the roadside.. It sounds CRAZY!!!! But it was really an AWESOME experience=)))) we did attract some attention of the passerby~ ^^


The orphanage we visited brought tears to most of us.. We donated essential items like basic necessity~ uniform, food, 'tuk tuk', n etc.. The children there performed some Christian songs as an appreciation.. Their voices blown me away!!! WOW~ They sung with much sincerity n with such deep feelings, which touches me so much!!! This small act of kindness really help helped them to feel God's love.. I'm sure all of us develop an attitude of gratitude for the blessings that has been given by God.. He's give us so much!!! And ask for so little in return..


This little step made a huge impact in my life.. God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.. WORDS CAN'T EXPRESS how much have I gained in this wonderful trip.. I could really witness God's hand at work.. God has turn our emptiness to the FULLNESS!!! These precious moment will steadfastly anchored in my heart, NEVER, NEVER fades~ I'm really proud to be a part of this AoF mission trip=))))) We'd planted a seed in Cambodia.. May this seed be nourished n grow into a tree soon~



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